Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy 

ecocompMy teaching philosophy is informed by Ecocomposition, a post-process theory of writing that examines the relationships between discourse and the various environments (both physical and semantic) within which language and rhetoric flourish. I find this theory useful because it highlights several important pedagogical values that I work to enact within my own writing courses: 1) rhetorical awareness, 2) open dialogue, 3) writing takes place (beyond the classroom).


Courses Taught 

Graduate Instructor, East Carolina University, 2015 – 2019

  • 5 sections of Writing for Business/Industry
  • 2 sections of Scientific Writing
  • 1 section of Writing and Style
  • 1 section of Persuasive Writing
  • 3 sections of English 1100 First-Year Writing
  • 3 sections of English 2201 First-Year Writing


Graduate Instructor, University of South Florida, 2010 – 2013

  • 5 sections of Composition I
  • 4 sections of Composition II
  • 3 sections of Narration/Description (Intro to Creative Writing)
  • 1 section of Form/Technique of Poetry


Sample Syllabi 

ENGL 3820 Syllabus Lundgren


Sample Assignments 

Sample Assignment



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